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3 Questions Every Bluff Dealer Should Know the Answer To

At Bluff, we want to empower dealers with the tools they need to answer customer questions. Here are three important questions that you might hear about Bluff products in your showroom or on a sales call.

Why should I go with Bluff over the other warehouse brands?

Customer Support and product durability set Bluff apart. With customer service at the forefront of what we do, we know that honest and direct communication is key to customer satisfaction. Bluff offers a variety of ways to contact product experts and receive support. Bluff strives to ensure that customers are taken care of and never left to solve a problem alone. 

Bluff makes tough products that handle tough jobs. Our products are made with quality steel and aluminum and are engineered with warehouse use in mind. We proudly stand behind our products’ durability, as they’re all engineered to meet capacity loads and industry-standard impact ratings. 

What are the guarantees surrounding Bluff Products?

Bluff warranties are competitive within industry standards. Core Products and Steel Structure each receive substantial backing. Bluff’s team maintains an elevated level of product quality and are held accountable for each Bluff product that leaves the shop. Further, Bluff’s low turnover rate indicates the quality artisanship that goes into each warehouse solution. This workmanship is what customers have come to expect from the brand name, and it’s what our team is enthusiastic about delivering to your customers. Bluff products are used by many of the leading brands in North America. 

Will they integrate easily with my existing warehouse functionality and workflow?

Bluff’s products are made with integration in mind. No warehouse department operates in a silo; it’s critical that all warehouse tools operate efficiently together to optimize productivity. We engineer and manufacture products that meet customer needs and provide unique solutions to equally unique problems. 

Have you heard these questions? Are there any questions you still have? Let us talk further about how Bluff’s line of products can improve any warehouse. Give us a call at 800-433-2212 or fill out our contact sheet.