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Aluminum diamond-deck high-grade truck dock boards

A while ago, we had talked about dock boards – aluminum versus steel – their merits and demerits. Bluff Manufacturing introduces a new line of aluminum welded truck dock boards available in 10,000 lb and 15,000 lb capacities board lengths and ranging from 36-72 inches.

Bluff Manufacturing’s new and improved line of aluminum dock boards is sturdier and constructed of 3/8 inch thick aluminum tread plate with aluminum extruded curbs and legs and a full length cross stiffener.

The new aluminum dock board offers several features that provide additional safety, flexibility and are easier to use. The locking legs (available in lengths from 8-13 inches) provide secure positioning and run-off protection creating a unique product that allows loading and unloading of trucks to be done in a safer manner. These dock boards are a perfect fit for industries that handle sensitive or perishable freight, such as food or ammunition. The new dock board differs from similar products because it features high-grade “diamond deck” aluminum curbs, instead of steel, which controls sparks and prevents rust in refrigerated environments.

Bluff’s new range of dock boards are very adaptable and offer optional features like locks and lift chains that can be added to the ATD. Lip lengths and bend angles are also available for our end users to enable them to build their own custom dock boards.

Most important, our new dock boards are tested and certified by strict ANSI MH30.2 guidelines and standards, ensuring quality, product durability and safety. Designed to meet OSHA safety guidelines, our end users get products of the highest quality with many secure features and options.

Aluminum Dock Board

Bluff Manufacturing’s lightweight aluminum dock board offers a quick solution to bridging the gap between trucks, trailers and loading docks especially when applied to low-medium weight volumes.

While steel dock boards are often recommended for sturdier docking applications and heavier loads, as well as durability in the long run, aluminum dock boards have a lot of advantages for lighter loads.

Bluff Manufacturing is offering free freight from Fort Worth on the 10,000, 15,000 pound capacities 6048, 6060 and 6072. The offer is available from June 8th – August 8th, 2010. Lead times on custom orders are three-four days. If you’re looking for dock boards that fit this description, the time to purchase is now!