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An Investment in Safety

Warehouses are fast-paced environments. When everything goes as planned, employees work together like a well-oiled machine. But nothing derails productivity and morale as severely as workplace injury. 

Workers want to know that their employers have done everything possible to create a safe work environment. Luckily, Bluff Manufacturing has everything you need from barrier gates to guard rails

Employee protection products are an important investment. “Personnel are your most precious resource, and protecting them should be the highest priority,” says Sales Manager Rachel Ballard. “With accessible tools like Bluff’s guard rails and barrier gates, putting safety first in a warehouse setting is simple and efficient.”

Having solutions for fall protection and walkway visibility should be top of mind, and Bluff strives to continue creating products that help to fill that need. 

Bluff products not only contribute to warehouse safety, but to the free movement that drives efficiency and reduces employee frustration. “Bluff’s modular protective barriers (MPB) can be configured to create walkways that are highly visible to workers. Lift-out rails create easy access, and add-ons like swing gates or floor rails help to customize the solution to your site’s specific needs,” says Rachel Ballard.

Ergonomic Design is Key

Ergonomic equipment has a huge impact on warehouse safety, employee satisfaction, and overall efficiency. “While all of our dock boards and plates are perfectly safe to use, the EZ-Roll and Speedy Board® features keep ergonomics at top of mind, which sets them apart from the rest,” says Rachel Ballard. 

Bluff’s EZ-Roll boards and plates offer efficient, ergonomic solutions to bridge between the truck and loading dock, while also making it easy for one person to maneuver in and out of place. The EZ-Roll feature allows for one-person positioning without the use of a forklift. The handles are also telescoping and self-storing, maximizing efficiency.

The Speedy Board® is uniquely designed with forklift operator efficiency in mind, allowing the user to remain safely seated inside the forklift while maneuvering the dock board at the loading dock. Eliminating the need to dismount the forklift in order to position the dock board keeps the operator safe, while also saving time.

Learn more about the EZ-Roll boards and plates and the Speedy Board®.  Contact us to get started!