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As the Southeast Territory Manager for Bluff Manufacturing, I have many assets to call on when I am providing an answer to a problem for one of my dealers. One of the assets that all Bluff Dealers know about is our inside Sales Department. Their professionalism and knowledge of product is unmatched in our industry.

Another asset that both the inside sales and myself draw on is our Engineering Department. At Bluff Manufacturing we are blessed with engineering and design people that are able to think “outside the box” or in our case “outside the dock”. They use the latest technology available such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to provide our Dealers with superior quality, affordable cost and quick delivery times and most importantly answers to the most unique situations that their customers may face.

The ability to provide our Dealers with cost effective and high quality answers for special dock or warehouse applications is one of the reasons Bluff Manufacturing can say “service you can stand on.”