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One down side to having a great product like the Bluff EZ-Pull Edge of Dock Leveler is that it is difficult to improve it. Well, difficult or not we have done just that. Welcome the new and improved GEN VI Edge of Dock Leveler.

The design objectives were;

  • Improve competitive stance in the marketplace
  • Improve unit durability
  • Improve roll-over operator comfort
  • Improve bumper design
  • Eliminate installation errors
Generation VI Edge of Dock

The good news all objectives were met and the Gen VI is currently being shipped by Bluff Manufacturing and Bluff Warehousing. The people installing the unit will quickly see the advantages; from the lifting ring that makes initial positioning a snap to the improved bumper which makes incorrect positioning impossible. The customer will get the more durable product and smoother ride the flat center section offers. You as dealers will have a superior product to offer…feature rich and at the right price.

If you have not talked to your Bluff representative about the GEN VI Leveler call today. We have something special and we are excited about it.