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Bluff Manufacturing Relocates

No, not the plant. Plus, what we did move, we only moved a few hundred yards.  For years our growth has caused us to be innovative with our office space.  Many of you who have visited us can testify to that fact.  We ran out of solutions.  It became apparent after hiring Steve our new photographer / cad expert / web developer.  He had to work at home for the first few weeks.  We had no place for him.  Then it struck him that someone was out sick or on vacation or just gone to the bathroom most of the time.  As long as he did not spread out too much that worked just fine until our president Clark came back from a business trip and thought he had been replaced.  That is when it became obvious to us all….enough is enough……time for new “digs”.

We moved our offices.  Our new mailing address is 1400 Everman, Suite 120, Fort Worth, TX 76140.  Now, any service that comes to you from our financial department, our administrative folks or our customer service section comes from our new “World Headquarters”.  It really does make me feel more important when I realize that my office is no longer where the children go, simply because I have the TV and some floor space.  We hope for two things; one is to better serve our customers and the other is to give the people at Bluff some space that will allow them to become better at developing that service.

BTW…one of the side benefits is that our production staff and lead men can now have their planning meeting in air-conditioned space.  We were not out of the old offices 20 minutes when the maintenance group re-purposed the space for new functions.

Life is good a Bluff thanks to our customers.