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At the end of December 2007, Bluff Manufacturing, Inc., through the guidance of Transglobal Industrial Services, made an investment to improve lighting in the manufacturing plant and to reduce energy consumption.  Our move from metal halide, 1000 watt high-bay lights to high-efficiency fluorescent lighting has proven to be well worth the investment.

Through first 10 months of 2008…

23.4% reduction in KW consumption     
            On pace for annual savings of more than 152,000 KW.

20.9% reduction in electric utility costs
            On pace for annual savings of more than $18,000.


Project was expected to pay for itself in 18 months… will do so in 15 months.

Positive features of the lighting upgrade:
No wait time for lights to power-up.
Motion sensors on all fixtures with 10 minute timers to automatic shut off.
Throwing switches not required to power up or power down.
Instant, 100% illumination upon power up… no waiting as with metal halide fixtures.


Light level measurements taken at 33 locations before and after the retrofit showed the following improvement in light levels:
            21.2% minimum measured improvement
            30.6% average measured improvement
            85.7% maximum measured improvement

This project has certainly proven to be a win/win for Bluff and for conservation of energy resources.

John Key 

Plant Manager 

Bluff Manufacturing, Inc.