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Bridging Gaps in the Recycling Industry

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. recycles over 85 million tons of trash each year. In fact, Forbes magazine reported that in 2012, American communities on average spent more on waste management than any other public service, including fire protection, parks and recreation, libraries, and schoolbooks. In addition to trash handled in U.S. facilities, Forbes also reported that trash was America’s biggest export in 2012. As America strives to become a green nation while continuing to produce more waste each year, the recycling industry can only continue to grow.

What does all this garbage mean for sales of distribution and material handling equipment? All recycled trash that is handled and distributed requires equipment! At Bluff, we’ve found that our yard ramps, in particular, are highly sought after by recycling companies for their ease of mobility, strength and self-cleaning feature.

All recycled materials getting transported must go from ground level into different trucks at recycling plants, so mobility is crucial for the recycling industry’s ground-to-truck application. Bluff’s yard ramps have heavy-duty, solid rubber, pneumatic profile tires, which make positioning easy. In addition, our hydraulic system allows for a smooth and quick transition to changing trailer heights.

With standard capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds, and higher capacities made to special order, Bluff’s yard ramps are ideal for the distribution of the lightest plastics to the heaviest scrap metal. Moreover, our serrated-grating, self-cleaning design also makes our yard ramps perfect for handling even the dirtiest of trash.

Adding a Portable Platform Can Save Time and Money

Attaching a portable steel platform to a yard ramp and positioning three trucks around the platform can give your recycling customers the ability to load multiple trucks at the same time without repositioning the yard ramp. This trans-loading process can save them valuable time and money.  Call 800.433.2212 to learn more about yard ramp and portable dock applications for your customers.