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Business is Always Good – For Hard Workers

My friends tell me I’m like the little boy who is the subject in the psychological experiment. He finds himself in a room waist high in horse manure with a shovel in the corner. After leaving him alone for a time the psychiatrist returned to find him whistling while he shoveled. When he was asked about his mind-set amid all the obvious problems he replied; With all this ******** there must be a pony in here somewhere.

We are all in a market that is uncharted territory. Never have we been on a stage with so many big players. China, India and several middle-east countries have huge wallets and are reaching into our transactions and messing with the assumptions we use to guide our day. We (or at least my crowd) believe in the marketplace. Well, I say it is time to re-load, re-calculate, re-train and re-commit.

If your skills are “excellent” then you can eat the lunch of lesser souls during this time. If your skills are still being honed then re-double your efforts. It is worth the trouble and today is as soon as you can start. If your company is not positioned where you would like it…well guess what…there is a shake-up coming. Do the work and make the investment to make a quantum leap. If you do, as we emerge on the other side, and we will; you will be a different company. Leaner, meaner and moving on up.

We at Bluff would like to partner with you companies that want to do the hard work. We have help and encouragement for you sales and service people who want to become more than just an order-taker; a professional. Many of you already have made that decision and are “a cut above”. We salute you and offer you our help as you forge ahead.

A quick check list for you salespeople. Answer to yourself honestly; I did this very exercise at one point in my career and found that I was guilty of some of this.

  • Do you pass out literature that you have not read?
  • Do you use your quote as a selling tool, putting your best effort in front of your customer?
  • Do you know who your competitor is…on each product?
  • Do you know the sell points on your product?
  • Do you know the sell points on your competitor’s product?
  • Do you follow up?
  • Do you listen?

A negative answer on any one of these can cost you an order. Think about it. If you want to talk, call us. We are looking for partners.