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Cantilever Racks: The Secret Piece to Handling Cumbersome Products and Limited Warehouse Storage

When it comes to steel plants, lumber mills and other bulk material operations, warehouse or yard space can be monopolized by storage alone. Space is valuable, but it’s hard to create it in a tight or cramped facility. Here are three ways cantilever racks can assist most bulk good facilities.

Frees up Space
Most outdoor yards rely on a pile/stacking method. This organizational style leaves your product resting on the ground without proper care as to how material is added or removed from the pile. While this may not interrupt the daily flow of an operation, space is not being used to its fullest potential. Cantilever Racks store products vertically, freeing up square footage. This change allows the yard to regain valuable space to utilize for storage or to offer to another part of a warehouse’s operation.

Organization as an Asset
The organization of a yard or warehouse may be overlooked when the piling method is used. Finding and gathering material may be cumbersome when it is placed on the floor. Just as bookshelves work in the library, Cantilevers can be similarly used in a yard or warehouse. When a facility maximizes vertical space, racking can be organized in a manner that best suits your operation.

Increase efficiency
Through organization comes efficiency. Cantilever racks offer real solutions to your team in two main ways. First, Cantilever Racks are not enclosed. Thus, they offer unrestricted access and view of the product they hold. Unlike other pallet racking systems, the open ends of a cantilever rack provide full horizontal access with no loss of storage space. It also offers more abundant clearance for handling. Such allowances enhance retrieval efficiency and minimize potential damage. Secondly, inventory becomes effortless. Teams are more focused through the reduction of handling time and increase in organization. Cantilever racks save time and increase operational efficiency.
Bluff Manufacturing’s Cantilever Racks can provide your warehouse with both time and space-saving advantages that are critical in today’s busy environment. This superior storage solution can be configured to meet your unique storage space needs. Ensure your storage system is an asset to your warehouse and team. Contact our Bluff Steel Structure Experts at 800-433-2212 or fill out our contact us form.