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December 8.5% of your year

Writing this blog is new to my schedule.  I will try to do better…..and that got me to thinking.

December is an odd month to business.  It represents as much to our annual goals as any other month and yet we treat it differently.  Are you guilty of any of the following….

  • All planning for next year can be done between Christmas & New Year
  • The “twene time” is a good vacation slot
  • We can have company training during this “off” time

It is not that any of the above is wrong, it is that we buy into more that one of them and they conflict with each other.  There are other things we fall prey to including an assumption that our customers are too busy to see us or do work that would include us … so we don’t contact them.

Some things that happen in the work place this time of year that represent opportunities for us might include.

  • Company wide vacations where the maintenance crew is working while the plant is empty
  • Budget money left in facility budget that will be lost at years end
  • End of year adjustments to profit (there are situations where companies try to adjust there profit picture downward … and a good place to spend the money is on facility)

I sure you can add to this list (do so).  Just remember the following “Everybody starts well…winners finish well”.

Happy Selling