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Dock Boards – Dock Plates – Rail Boards "There Must Be Standards"

We have know for years that people’s safety and even their lives depend on the products that we build. If you are a material handling dealer who sells dock boards, dock plates and rail boards to companies…or….if you are the buyer of the product for use by your own employees ….you deserve assurance the product will perform.

I have blogged in the past about the need for a standard and have told the story about the development of ANSI MS30.2 which deals with portable dock boards and plates. Many of you confuse the ANSI and the OSHA….here is a short and sweet comparison (In my own words)

OSHA (about portable dock boards and dock plates) – Structure of sufficient size and of sufficient capacity to do the job and not get anyone hurt.

ANSI – (about portable dock boards and dock plates – MH30.2) – Structure of sufficient size and of sufficient capacity to do the job and not get anyone hurt. And then beyond that

  • A method of testing devised to impose loads similar to those expected in it use
  • An engineering company from outside your company approve of the testing method
  • Extensive load testing done on individual products until failure (some 50,000 cycles)
  • Outside engineering company reviewing the test results and certifying them
  • Individual tests run on all plate products (without curbs)
  • Class tests run on board products (with curbs) in certain span and reach classes

At that time you can state to the world that your product is ANSI Compliant not approved because ANSI does not approve products. They oversee in the development of the standards and the development of the testing.

I have made a huge deal out of the fact that Bluff Manufacturing is the only manufacturer of ANSI MH30.2 compliant products. Here is why….We have spent well over $100,000 and untold man-hours to make sure that the product we sell you is the “best we can do”. We put our name and our reputation on it. I track the use of the standard online and have recently found a couple of instances where companies – (one domestic and one foreign) have claimed compliance to this standard. When confronted, one backed down and is removing the claim (or said they would) and we are in the process of talking to the other.

You can request a certification copy from any manufacturing company. If they are in compliance they have the certification. You deserve to be told the truth…peoples lives are at stake.