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Falling leaves signal the end of the third quarter of 2010!

While we’re still enjoying relatively warm weather here in Texas and other parts of the Southwest, temperatures are rapidly dropping in and around other parts of the country.  Living in Texas makes it easy to forget that summer is officially over and fall is already here! And if the Labor Day weekend didn’t mark the event, then the falling leaves should be a pretty good indication. We’re just finishing up the third quarter and getting ready to enter the Fourth quarter of 2010 and it feels like we were just ringing in the New Year a few months ago!

So, like most businesses, there will be some scuffling and shuffling to ensure we meet our business goals. This time of the year is an odd time. We just got back from cruising the Caribbean during our summer vacation and the Winter Holidays are just around the corner, we have little time to beef up sales and marketing in between these breaks. It’s time to re-visit our marketing plan, set some deadlines and shift to high gear. For B2B sales, such as ours, it’s actually a great opportunity! Many businesses will be working on their 2011 budget now and it’s a great time to step in and get your foot in the door for next year!

Here are some of the fall 2010 Marketing & Sales activities we’re getting excited about at Bluff Manufacturing:

Social Media: We’re definitely taking a giant leap into this ocean of marketing. We like the idea of having so many ways to connect with you. LinkedIn and Facebook will receive some prominence this quarter. But do look forward to more social media from Bluff Manufacturing.

Distributor’s Portal: We wanted to keep this under wraps until we fine-tuned it, and then there will be a whole blog dedicated just for that. But we can’t help dropping little hints about this portal designed for our distributors that will make selling and ordering so easy. Look forward to an email blast that will tell you more about this portal.


Great offers: Be sure to look for a great introductory offer on one of our new products in our September newsletter! And if you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter, go to our website at www.bluffmanufacturing.com and look for the sign-up box on the left-hand corner of the homepage.

Resources Tab: We have a resources tab on our website dedicated to providing our distributors important and resourceful information. A simple sign-up allows you access to information such as online pricing, warehouse stocking information and much more.

New products: We’ve got new stuff! We are now manufacturing and distributing mezzanines, conveyor support, landings, stairways, ladders, stone handling structures and more. By expanding our product line, we hope that we can work together to garner greater market share and offer our customers more high-quality products with the Bluff Manufacturing quality assurance.

Keep reading our blogs for company updates, industry information, tips and guidelines, and more. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to add your comments.