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Foundations of Strong Warehouse Structures

Bluff leans on four pillars to make sure your warehouse structures are ideal for your operation. Getting these right helps ensure common complexities in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation phases are solvable – helping us bring strong structures to life. 

PILLAR 1 — Smart Pre-Production Process

Because a thorough pre-production process ensures a strong foundation for your structure, expect us to approach this like the serious consultation it is. We will provide you with an initial price and delivery time estimate, and get started designing a solution and process that meets your requirements. Next, we’ll walk you through your final order, delivering a schematic of what you can expect to see, and tightening or affirming the estimate. After pre-production, we offer post-sales support throughout the long life of your Bluff solutions. 

PILLAR 2 — Seamless Integration of Multiple Vendors

We will ensure the structure works with all elements of your total solution. Recently, we were approached by a client seeking to build a new multi-level structure in their e-commerce fulfillment warehouse. Facing the challenge of integrating carousel and conveyor technologies, we seamlessly integrated the client’s systems into the new structure at a large scale. Engineering is a Bluff strong suit. 

PILLAR 3 — Mastering the Timeline

We completed the multi-story e-commerce project in 15 months while integrating a sophisticated mix of Bluff systems, hardware and new technologies from other vendors. To ensure the safety of personnel, we included various safety tools, such as barriers at conveyor transition points and handrails surrounding the perimeters of work platforms. But our timeline doesn’t end at production. With a 30-year structural warranty, we remain directly involved with our clients from start to finish, and beyond. 

PILLAR 4 — Strong Client Relationships

Our clients expect the best solutions with competitive pricing, including engineering capabilities, and quality materials… and we deliver. The client’s lead engineer for the e-commerce project positively reflected on their experience partnering with Bluff. From conception to completion of the structure, we worked closely to ensure that their needs were met at every step of the process.