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Get Your Customers Out of a Tight Situation

Our distributors have reached out to us with a variety of application requests for cantilever racks.

  • Large spools of wire
  • Drill bits for oil & gas rigs
  • Steel stock material
  • Heavy duty pipe stock

Case Study: 

We got a call from Doug Hutchins with WW Cannon here in Dallas.  He had a customer that needed to stack long pipes in a strange fit area in their warehouse. The PVC pipe pictured below isn’t particularly heavy, but this cantilever had a TIGHT fit.  With just inches of clearance, this cantilever needed to be exact.

We designed a highly customized unit based on criteria provided by Doug.   After a success and easy installation, Doug sent us a note saying, “happy customer…thanks!” We love hearing these success stories.

Why Choose a Cantilever Rack over a Conventional Pallet Rack System?

Cantilever racks work well for orderly storage of large, bulky items with a wide range of lengths and sizes. Cantilever rack systems extend outward from a single column, while pallet racks typically have front columns. Because they are not restricted by front columns, cantilever racks provide full horizontal access with no lost storage space due to rack structure. There is more handling clearance than on pallet rack systems. This easy access increases efficiency and minimizes potential damage often caused by horizontal or vertical obstructions.