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Got Rucking?

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel your mind and/or body has been pushed to its limits? Many of us have at different points in our life. Those events can be painful at the time and usually lead to growth and learning. Ryan Steinly, one of our welders, learned this in a recent endurance event.
Ryan participated in a “Go Ruck” event in April. The endurance test was a 6 hour event locally here in Texas. Ryan carried a backpack with 30 lbs of weight and 2 liters of water (his Ruck) and participated in a variety of endurance tests with a team of people for 6 hours.
During the event, Ryan learned a great deal about teamwork. His fellow Ruckers in the event, his “Cadre”, have continued to be close friends. He learned a lot about how much he could accomplish and how much more he could accomplish with a team.
Ryan says that, since the event, his life has really changed. He continues to Ruck and has lost weight. He feels confident in how far he can go and what he can accomplish with a team. That knowledge about teamwork is carrying over to both his work here at Bluff and his relationship with his wife and kids.
He plans to participate in another Go Ruck event in August.

What is Rucking?
From the Go Ruck website, “To put weight on your back and go for a walk. More weight or more miles equals more results, more friends and more time together equals more fun.”
They also detail the “Rucking Rules”:
  • Nobody rucks alone
  • When in doubt, smiles over miles
  • Ruckers encourage each other
We think those are great life lessons….
About Ryan
Ryan learned welding as a 15 year-old through an apprenticeship program in his high school in West Texas. He has been with Bluff for two years and is the lead welder for our aluminum products. Ryan has two children.  Since his Go Ruck Race, he spends his free time Rucking with his wife and his 11 year-old son.
Source:  GoRuck.com Go Ruck, 2015.