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Help your Customers Save $8,000 Per Month

One of our Wine & Beer Distribution end users shared that they were able to save 12,000 sq feet and $8,000 monthly with the square feet they were able to reclaim with our Keg and Wine Flow products. 

At MHEDA we showcased our Keg Flow and Wine Bottle Flow Rack products and we were overwhelmed with the response.

What is our Keg Flow Product?

We have heard from distributors that there are a lot of options for full keg storage and pick/pull. What’s lacking are options for craft brew “sixer” kegs.
Recent data released from the Craft Brew Association shows that for the first time, craft brewers reached 11% volume share of the beer market. Craft breweries also grew in numbers – up 11% from 2013 to 2014.

At the same time, wine in keg form is rapidly increasing.
While distributors love these higher margin products, storage and pick and pack can be challenging.
That is why we created the Keg Flow Rack.


What is our Wine Bottle Flow Rack?

Distributors are looking for products to help them manage individual and higher value wine bottles and liquor.

Our Wine Bottle Flow Rack is a gravity fed system that works with your customers existing pallet racks.  The Bluff Rack can sit next to their existing cart and flow systems.

It is an easy insert with a built in slope so that the individual bottles naturally flow to the front for easy picking.

Looking to help your Distributors with these products?
Click here for the Keg Sell Sheet

Click here for the Wine Flow Sell Sheet

P.S. We have a new product for this market coming out in the next few months. We can’t wait to share it with you. If you have a Beer and Wine Distributor customer let us know & we can work with you….



Source:  Watson, B. (2015, March 16). Brewers Association.”Craft Brewing Growth By the Numbers.”