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How It’s Made: Taking a Look at Warehouse Crash Guard and Safety Rails

For any warehouse looking to make safety a priority, guard rails can be an efficient and effective way to protect the team and the building. At Bluff, it’s a privilege to make high quality safety products that keep your warehouses safe. We hold the highest standard when creating our safety product, so we’re pulling back the curtain and showing the care we put into our products and how that translates to improve warehouse safety.

The Bluff Manufacturing Process
Here’s a look behind the scenes on how our crash guard safety rails are made. First, a 10-gauge smooth plate of precut steel is shaped on a press break, giving the Tuff Guard its form. At the same time, end plates are cut to size by a plasma cutter. When these two items are finished being shaped and cut, they are welded together to ensure a strong hold.

The posts , which are square tubes that are cut on a saw to size. Holes are drilled on a Voortman (for bolt attachments). The base plates of the posts are also cut on a plasma cutter and welded onto the bottom of the posts.

The unit is then sent to be sandblasted to clean off debris and make a smooth surface prior to being painted. There, units are powder coated and sent to the oven to bake. Finally, they are assigned to the shipping department to be tagged and freighted out of the plant.

Why Invest in Crash Guard Safety Rails for Your Warehouse or Facility
There are numerous benefits to crash guard safety rails, with the biggest benefit being an improvement in worker safety. A few more benefits include:
Reducing costs associated with damaged goods
Reducing costs and delays associated with injured workers
Protecting product or materials
Minimizing accidental collisions and associated building repairs

Bluff’s safety rails are also easy to install with a concrete drill and a few basic tools. Warehouses can improve their safety in minutes!

Features of Bluff Rails
Rated to withstand forklift impacts of up to 10,000 lbs at 6 mph
Easy 4 bolt assembly – fasteners included
½” thick, 8”x8” steel base plates – anchors included
Plastic insert caps for post closure and enhanced appearance
10 gauge steel rails, 12” high x 2-5/8” deep – available in lengths from 1’ to 12’
4”x4”x3/16” structural steel tubing post – available in 18”, 30” or 42” height
Options include: offset posts, lift-out rails and swing gates from 2’-6’ wide
Powder coated safety yellow – other standard color options available upon request

At Bluff Manufacturing, we’re leading experts in developing commercial industrial and retail applications that keep teams safe. To learn more about how our crash guard rails can benefit your company and help solve issues, give us a call at 800-433-2212.