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How to Move a Portable Forklift Ramp – Mobile Yard Ramp

A mobile yard ramp or portable forklift ramp can be moved around on the jobsite.  Hence the name.  There are a couple of ways to move them.  Here at Bluff we offer either a “tow bar” or a “ramp-clamp” included in the cost of the mobile yardramp itself.

A tow bar is attached to the rear of the forklift truck to the apron on the yardramp.  It allows the driver to pull the ramp over a longer distance.  The speeds are very low but movement from one side of the yard to the other is made easier with this attachment.

Tow Bar in Use on Yardramp

A ramp-clamp is attached to the apron of the ramp and then the fork tip is inserted thru the opening and a clamp screw is tightened.  This connection can articulate and allows the driver more precise movement when moving the unit into position in the trailer or at the dock.

Ramp Clamp in Use on Yardramp