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Industrial Mezzanines are Flexible and Affordable

Mezzanines Create More Space

The decision to expand your business facility is, while extremely exciting, also fraught with many uncertainties. Does the prospect of increased business merit the expense of acquiring and modifying a new building? Should we find and develop a location for a new facility? What about the disruption of day to day business as we move?

The answers to these dilemmas are right above you. Affordable and flexible, an industrial mezzanine system can add floor space to your shop using the space between the floor and the ceiling. Found often in industrial settings as storage areas the mezzanine can also be used as office space or break room facilities.

Bluff Manufacturing’s industrial mezzanines are constructed with heavy duty steel,and are usually free standing. The systems offer a great deal of flexibility in that most can be dismantled and moved. The flooring is dependent on the intended use and varies from a wood finished deck to heavy duty steel grating. Depending on what is required mezzanine floors can handle a load of up to 1,000 pounds per square foot.

The mezzanine system should also include stairways, railings and landings to provide both easy access and address safety issues, complying with OSHA, IBC and other agencies regulations.

Rather than moving out, you can avoid the expense and inconvenience of expansion by moving up. The design and engineering experts at Bluff Manufacturing are available to help increase your plants efficiency; using the space available in the most efficient and safe manner possible. A custom designed mezzanine, built to meet your specific needs, is a cost effective and safe way to expand your facility to meet the growing demands on your business.

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