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Keep the Pressure Off With Pipe and Hose Crossover Ramps

Many industrial and construction job sites, whatever their primary task is, will have one thing in common; they will need conduit running here and there. Many times that conduit will lead across roadways and other places where heavy equipment is sure to have to roll. The sudden pressure of a heavy rig rolling over a high-pressure hose can lead to catastrophic results, while PVC piping is sure to disintegrate beneath the weight of even a forklift.

Pipe and hose crossover ramps can alleviate those dangerous hiccups in a well-traveled path. By providing a smooth transition for wheels of all sorts, from forklifts to Freightliners, pneumatic to solid, productivity can carry on without worrying about losing a load to a bump in the road. Built to handle various ranges of pipe and hose sizes, many are sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest vehicle traffic. This means that valuable conduits can be laid across a road with no fears of an interrupted flow.

The sturdiest ramps are made of steel, though some ramps are made from a good, durable rubber or aluminum. Our steel ramps are built to protect conduits up to 12 inches in diameter and can withstand up to 160,000 pounds of pressure. They can even be custom made for your particular job site’s requirements. Coming in sections, they are designed to be portable as well.

Contact us for a complete listing of crossover ramps and other industrial, construction, or warehouse needs. Whatever you need, Bluff Manufacturing is sure to be able to provide durable, well built answers.