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Keeping Food Grade Facilities and Their Products Protected from Damage

Food grade facilities have an important role in our lives — ensuring the food products we all know and love can make it through the entire manufacturing and distribution chain without damage. One of the biggest concerns for these warehouses is pests. While the FDA allows for certain concentrations of insect fragments in most food products, no warehouse wants to be responsible for letting pests slip into food. (And certainly, no distributor wants to be associated with those issues!)

At Bluff, we help food grade warehouses keep their facilities running. Our equipment helps reduce potential damage to high-speed doors, which are a key piece of the warehouse. The function of the high-speed doors is to reduce exposure to outdoor elements and to minimize cold air from leaving the facility. These high-speed doors not only help keep products from spoiling but ultimately keep the consumer safe.

Key Considerations for Food Grade Facilities

Food products require special handling across the entire supply chain. Some of the most common issues affecting food grade warehouses are:
-Pest control management – Pests can be detrimental to any warehouse, but they’re especially challenging for food grade warehouses. Why? Because once they’re in, they can have a free-for-all on food products. Taking a proactive approach to treating the inside and outside of a facility, as well as ensuring seals in high-traffic areas, can prevent infiltrations.
-Temperature control – From frozen to dry foods, temperature control plays a key role in the safety and quality of foods stored in these warehouses. However, with doors opening and closing all day, multiple food types in one facility, and regularly servicing cooling equipment, effective temperature control can be a struggle for some warehouses.
-Maintaining the physical condition of the facility – Keeping a clean and well-maintained warehouse can be a challenge, especially for busy warehouse teams. Areas like docks can be most susceptible to wear and tear, as those spaces have high traffic volumes and movement.

Warehouse Tools to Support Clean Food Grade Warehouses
Because of the above considerations, these facilities often have high-speed doors to facilitate high traffic with fast closes. Quick closing doors help prevent bugs from getting in and cool temperatures from getting out. These doors are critical pieces of any food grade facility dock, and they’re important to protect. Disabled doors can disrupt daily operations and also compromise the safety of food products.

Goal Post Door Guards are a great way to add an element of security to high-speed doors. At Bluff, our goal post door guards are easy to assemble and can be customized to fit any door. These pieces can extend the life of a high-speed door. These door guards are impact tested and can withstand 10,000 lbs. at up to 4mph. They’re capable of withstanding cold temperatures, making them great for the environments of food grade warehouses. The highly visible bright yellow color helps prevent impacts.

At Bluff Manufacturing, we’re leading experts in developing commercial industrial and retail solutions that keep teams and products safe. To learn more about how our goal post door guards can benefit your company and keep food products moving, give us a call at 800-433-2212.