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Listen, Design, Build

The voice of the customer is important. Bluff Manufacturing has always been a leader in providing solutions-oriented products. Our business objective has always been and will always be “What can Bluff do for you today?” We are a business that realizes that the voice of the customer matters a great deal and it is what drives our business and production. We don’t make products that we can push. We build products that our customers need and which provide value to them.

We conduct surveys both formal and informal to hear what our distributors and customers are talking about. We have implemented CRM programs and created social media marketing to maintain touch points of communication with our distributors and customers and to keep the dialogue going. Most important, we listen. As a manufacturing company, our production specifications depend on your unique needs.

For instance Bluff Manufacturing is one of the largest providers of Yard Ramps. Our customers are loyal to us because we listen to their needs and build the kind of custom yard ramp offerings to match their unique needs. Made-to-order yard ramps are no easy feat. They are power products that provide distinctive value to different customers.

Bluff Manufacturing recently resurrected the ATDs (or all-aluminum welded dock boards) and redesigned it making it sturdier and increasing its capacity with stiffeners and heavier pipes. There was a need in the market and we fulfilled that requirement.

Recently a business needed custom-built wheel risers (which usually weigh over 250 lbs) to be built in such a way that it could be broken down into parts that weighed less than 50 lbs each. Bluff manufacturing designed, built, and delivered the wheel risers fulfilling the customer’s special request. In another instance, a major healthcare manufacturing company needed a customized dock board to fit into an exclusive space. In the past, they were cutting dock boards to ‘make it work.’ This gave them an unreliable and unsafe product. Bluff’s customized dock board not only fit perfectly but also had the structural integrity and capacity required.

And as we speak, we are designing and manufacturing exclusive delivery equipment for one of our customers in the CPG industry. We will tell you more about this unique product offering soon, but needless to say, we at Bluff Manufacturing are always happy and excited to listen and provide our customers with solutions that work best for them. So keep talking to us – through our distributors, our social media, our blogs and just about any communication platform you want. We’re listening and we’re always working on providing you the optimal solution for your special requirements.