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Loading Ramps – More Choices – Forklift Ramps to Vehicle Loading Ramps

Bluff forklift loading ramp line has been expanded over the last few months.  We have always made special sizes but many of you may not know that.

The unit that has proved to work the best for loading or unloading material from ground to truck is the Bluff #16SYS8436L.  That unit at 84″ wide (78″ usable”) is perfect for entry into a “over-the-road” van.  The van or container is 92″ clear width inside.  If the ramp were wider it would be difficult to put into position, any smaller and the maneuverability into the trailer would be made more difficult. (see movie) It is 36′ long; 30′ of incline and 6′ to level the forklift and load before entering the trailer.  30′ (360″) divided into a 52″ dock height gives you a percent of incline of 14.4%.  Refer to your owner’s manual for your forklift truck’s operating range.  A guideline is – electric equipment up to 14% and gas or propane up to 19%.  Like all operating ranges it should be modified according to conditions, but it is a good look at the capability of the equipment.  For this operation a platform gets in the way as it does not move up and down with the truck’s weight passing from ramp to trailer.  It is a single coordinated transfer of weight.

The perfect solution for a ground to dock application is the Bluff #16SYS7030.  At 70″ (64″ usable) it is wide enough for all but the largest of forklift trucks and since there is no need for maneuvering or for the load to be leveled prior to entry the length of 30′ is all incline.

Bluff Manufacturing has recently added a set of standard ramps at 24′ of incline.  Those will be available in all the widths for different applications.  This shorter ramp will yield more aggressive inclines.  However, vehicles are able to handle these steeper grades….so if your application is to put up the trucks at night to save on insurance premiums or move the lawn equipment into the building to prevent theft, we’ve got just the thing.

Remember, when you are loading a 8,000# load riding a 12,000# forklift in a light rain, it is not a good time to wonder if the ramp you are on is the right one.  A call to (800) 433-2212 will always get you the correct product for the job.  And, yes it will have a blue “B” on it.