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Making a Case for Case Studies

What are case studies? They’re simply real-life stories of two correlating events or incidents. In other words, this happened as a result of that. In the business world, they’re often related to success stories. An actual incident where a problem existed, a solution was implemented, and the problem was solved. Pretty simple isn’t it? Not as simple as it sounds. In the business world, case studies are highly impactful.

In a world where people are exposed to 100’s or even 1000’s (numbers vary according to different studies) of marketing messages on any given day, consumers can barely filter, much less rely on the authenticity of these claims. So, how do they really know if you’re product is the real deal? Give them an example. ABC Co. had a similar problem and used your product/service to solve their problems saving themselves ‘n’ amount of dollars and eliminating the associated challenges. It’s a true-life real story, a testimonial, and almost akin to word-of-mouth promotion.

Your customers don’t have to go looking for references or assurance of your product from other users. As a company, you have done their homework for them. You have reached out to your existing customers and obtained their permission to share their success story (as a result of using your product or service) with the rest of the world. And if the shoe were on the other foot, it’s a good faith gesture to allow your vendors to publicly share your experience with their product or service. If their product or service benefited your company, why not put in a good word? Unless of course, you’re company’s operations are very confidential. In ideal situations, mutually benefiting, non-competing business partners share good news!

Almost any credible website offering anything at all has a section dedicated to case studies or testimonials. Why? Because it’s better coming from the ‘horse’s mouth.’ Case studies carry an incredible amount of credibility. It’s a true story, not some made-up hype about your product.

Case studies form strong testimonials that carry a lot of weight for any prospective customer. To any company or organization, that is a huge advantage. But here’s another seldom thought about point of view: The internal impact case studies have on an organization and it employees.

Case studies are real-life incidents of problem solving using your company’s resources and products and services. To employees, it’s a summary of their successes – internal departments working collaboratively to implement solutions that bring success to their customers. It’s a feel-good story and it definitely raises employee morale. Case studies create wonderful opportunities to summarize successes and create best practices for the company. When best practices are documented, it not only provides the company a blueprint to follow, but it also allows employees to raise the bar for themselves and to create more best practices and success stories. Visit Bluff Manufacturing’s website and read up on our case studies. Bluff’s products are solution-oriented and some of them can be customized to meet your company’s specific docking needs. You can also see how our products helped other companies like yours overcome their loading dock challenges.