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Making Notes. Paper versus the iPad.

As technology becomes smarter and the World Wide Web is easier to access, paper will cease to become the platform on which many great ideas and notes were made.

Electronic media has replaced man’s need to put pen to paper. Paper hasn’t necessarily become obsolete. For every document you save on your secured hard drive, there is a conscientious administrative assistant that is creating copies to file away just in case one is required.

But with data security getting more savvy and electronic media becoming more innovative, it seems archaic to be seen writing. Typing or texting is the new writing. If we think of all the electronic gadgets that have replaced the humble pen and paper, the list is endless. Phones are getting smarter and cheaper. They have become portable mini computers on which you can spend your time working and playing. From sending emails and web surfing (a national pastime) to playing music and video games, electronic media has changed the way we live and play forever.

Laptops and electronic notebooks have virtually replaced the actual pen and paper. The iPad and Kindle have even replaced the way we read books.

An Electronic Book

Wikipedia has replaced the hefty encyclopedia that a generation ago was the main source of information. Information is now available at our fingertips, courtesy of the World Wide Web. Electronically, we can practically find the answers to all recorded information. No need for heavy books to line our shelves anymore.

Besides the obvious benefit of being virtually connected and being able to obtain information at the speed of light, there is the other added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Electronic media allows us to cut down on printing ink and paper, thus promoting a greener and more sustainable world.

In the business world today, it is impossible to keep up, let alone stay ahead, without the help of electronic media. In keeping with the times, Bluff Manufacturing has made its information and marketing collateral available through its blogs and website. Today, a distributor salesperson can access and print only as many brochures or case studies that he or she requires, rather than keep stacks of unused brochures that will soon become outdated anyway. With web marketing getting savvier and Internet access easily available to the masses, information is available through website updates, social media, and emails rather than printed pamphlets, flyers, and bulleting posters. Life is easier when the technology works and natural resources are conserved but don’t take away my books or writing pads just yet.