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Material Handling and Storage for Growing Oil and Gas Industry

Material Handling and Storage for Growing Oil and Gas Industry | Yard Ramps | Dock Plates | Dock Boards | Mezzanines | Steel Dock Board 1

While there are no recession-proof markets, there are always markets that are expected to stay strong. One of the markets predicted to remain exceptionally strong and grow is the oil and gas industry, according to Alan Beaulieu, economist and president of Trend Research. In fact, MarketLine Research projects that the U.S. oil and gas industry is expected to grow at a 7% compounded annual growth rate through 2015.

What does this mean for the material handling and warehousing industry? Since all oil and gas must be transported and or stored, there is and will continue to be a growing market for material handling and warehousing equipment for this industry segment.

What type of oil and gas companies should you be targeting with material handling and warehousing equipment? While the list is quite lengthy, here are a few segments of the industry to consider: distributors, refineries, drilling companies, oil field service companies, hydraulic fracturing companies, gasoline and motor oil companies gas, as well as specialty gas, welding and safety supply companies.

What material handling products are needed? Since all oil and gas needs to be transported and distributed, many or all of the following material handling products are also needed: dock boards and plates, yard ramps, portable steel platforms, and edge of dock levelers. There are also industry specific products like fracking ramps (for fracturing sites) or AWL and AWC plates, which are designed for the safe transport and distribution of specialty gases on and off pallets.

Oil and gas companies will also have warehouse needs, providing sales opportunities for stairs, ladders, landings, mezzanines, and cantilever racks. In addition, with the dangers involved in storing and handling liquid and gas fuel there is definitely a need for warehouse safety products like safety barriers, machine guards, post protectors, rack guards, bollards, and modular post protectors.

Since most of Bluff’s products are ANSI, OSHA or IBC tested to insure optimal safety, many of our products are perfect for the handling and storage of gas and oil because of the dangers involved and the stringent safety guidelines. Similarly, all Bluff products are manufactured at our plant in America meeting high-quality standards, whereas many other material handling and warehousing products are manufactured in other countries.

Be sure to capture your share of this rapidly growing market! If you would like more information on material handling and warehousing products for the oil and gas industry, contact us at 800-433-2212.