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Material Handling Show – ProMat 2009

I was in Chicago for the national material handling show last week. It was billed as the largest to date and lived up to that hype.

There were new lines, old lines with new models and demos galore. I guess that most people spend the time and money to go to these shows for the new and different. There was some of that there …but there is so much there that it is difficult to process. Most of the demos, whether it was a forklift truck or a conveyor system revolved around the fact that there was a computer intergrated into the equipment and it could calculate and then act on the most efficient route or pick. Made me think we should have a “smart dockboard” but then …what should it know? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

During my career in this industry I have made many friends. I have worked with people who, like me, stayed in this industry their whole life. It is the best part for me at one of these shows. Walking down the aisle and a shout…turn around and someone you have not seen in 20 years or more is walking toward you with a smile on their face and reaching out to shake your hand. Spend a little time to catch on each other and promise to call the next time I am in “…..” and “It was good to see you and I am glad you are doing well”.

Walking thru the show with my work collegue Tim Vehr on Tuesday it took us three hours to walk one aisle. While Tim is not quite as old as I am…he knows as many people as I do.

Here is a few snapshots of a trip to ProMat…

Welcome to Chicago

Welcome to Chicago in January


Dave Chalmer and Tim Vehr a couple of Bluff guys.


Another Bluff guy…Mark McKinley

Everyone was in Chicago

Out My Window

Out my room..looks like a postcard….minus 1