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Mezzanines & Steel Structures

Bluff Manufacturing has developed a broad line of steel structures & mezzanines to enhance the storage, efficiency, & safety of today’s warehouses. Our products are designed in a modular fashion to ensure years of use & preserve the ability to re-purpose the structures as your needs change.

Mezzanines & Steel Structures

Bluff Manufacturing has developed a broad line of steel structures to enhance the storage, efficiency, and safety of today’s warehouses. These high-quality innovative products are all designed and build at our Fort Worth facility for all our customer’s needs.


An ideal, economical solution for freeing up floor space while providing expanded storage capacity.

Mezzanine Gates

Add a gate to any mezzanine to increase safety and accesibility.

Conveyor Crossovers

Designed to allow your personnel to safely crossover active conveyors, significantly reduces the potential for worker injury & enhances the efficiency of workflow.

Guide Rails

Protect valuable warehouse racking and equipment from forklift damage. Great for narrow aisle application.


Stairways designed & manufactured to your application requirements.


Provide code compliant access to elevated areas & safe access to storeys.


Provides IBC or OSHA compliant access to elevated areas.

Why Bluff Steel
Structures & Mezzanines?
Cost Efficiency Through Value Engineering
Bluff steel mezzanine structures are designed to meet diverse space requirements, from raised offices to storage and distribution systems. Key features include non-welded bolt connections, design flexibility for modifications and expansion, and vertical clearance maximization for efficient space utilization. The structures boast high-quality design with standardized components, ensuring cost-effective installation. Additionally, they are built to last and come with a substantial 30-year structural warranty.
Superior Design Options to Suit Your Needs
Bluff's mezzanine construction focuses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, utilizing a combination of materials such as hot-rolled structural steel, high-strength cold-formed sections, structural tubes, and steel bar joists. The use of standardized shapes minimizes custom fabrication, and professional engineer certification is available for designs in the contiguous 48 states. The entire production process takes place in the Fort Worth plant, with shipping handled by approved contract haulers.
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