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MHEDA Topic #2: Secret Tech Weapons

Another great session was given by Beth Ziesenis, of Your Nerdy Best Friend. She presented an amazing number of easy to use (many free!) tools to make your work easier.
Some of the relevant, free tools we learned about and are now using are:
  • Trying to create easy & cool looking product videos? Grab a few pictures and try Animoto
  • Too many passwords to remember? Try LastPass
  • Are you a road warrior? Try Waze – Crowdsourced GPS. The best part – very accurate identification of local law enforcement – not that any of us ever drive above the speed limit.
  • Buried in spam? Try Unroll me – it will help you automatically unsubscribe from emails (of course, not ours!)
  • Looking to add pretty pictures behind quotes you want to share? Try Quozio (that is how we made the headline)
There were many more cool apps and tech “weapons”. We have a whole list – reach out to Cindy at cindyh@bluffmanufacturing or 817-546-8590 if you want the complete rundown.
Source:  Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend