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New Product from Bluff Makes Forklift Driver Safer – Press Release

Bluff Speedy BoardBluff Manufacturing of Fort Worth, TX has modified it’s workhorse dock board….the “T” series to include the “Speedy Board” (SB). This simple no cost modification allows the forklift driver to move, set in place and retrieve the dock board without leaving the seat of the forklift.

This simple notch pattern on the leading edge of the board allows the driver to scoop the board and move it to or from the dock without the need to get off the equipment and move the lift loops or chains into place and then back off the truck to reverse the process.

A driver is most at risk when outside the relative safety of the protective cage of the forklift. There is also a time saving and, in high speed operations, the “Speedy Board” can make a difference in productivity.

The good news is that “Speedy Boards” like all Bluff Manufacturing boards and plates are ANSI certified. They are the only ANSI portable boards and plates on the market. Your employees deserve the best and it does not cost more.