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Online registration and personalized shopping

E-commerce has come a long way. By providing the ability to shop from the comforts of your own home, the Internet has changed the way we retail. Sure, catalogs and shopping networks on TV provided the home shopping experience long before the Internet. But the Internet is credited with taking home shopping to the masses and creating an ease-of-use which is incomparable to any other way of retail distribution.

The reach of e-commerce has expanded and online shopping services have become more sophisticated. Part of that simplified process comes from automating a host of online shopping services. Every retail website has its own list of bells and whistles when it comes to the personalized online services they offer to their customers whether they are serious buyers, or just browsing through the company’s website.

Part of shopping online involves creating permanent online accounts through the retailers. Full-fledged e-commerce involves online accounts that enable shopping where transactions, credit/debit card payments can be made and orders can be tracked securely. Other online accounts may simply require a user to register online with a name and email address and may allow the user to track order history or view items that they have previously searched for. Whatever the level of service offered, online registration allows users to enjoy personalized service that does not involve having to call a toll-free number and waiting until they can speak to a customer service representative.

Unique user accounts (logins) allow users to access their own unique homepage on a retail website. Online accounts could be created to simply request a price quote. Or a user could register online to shop and make purchases through feature-rich online stores. Some of these full-fledged online stores provide the ability to view contract pricing, order and pay online, track orders, store favorite products, save shopping cart, get product updates and special offers and view previously searched items and buying history. This is shopping made a whole lot easier and billions of dollars worth of business is conducted throughout the world built on e-commerce. Most importantly, this will make online shopping much easier for users and create a unique user experience that will enable them to shop faster and better.

Bluff Manufacturing is updating its website to launch its online Distributor Resources Tool that will provide our distributors a unique shopping experience. A quick and initial registration will provide the unique login to every user, reducing cost and time for Bluff Manufacturing and our distribution partners. We will make an announcement when this online portal is launched and we encourage our distributors to register with us so that we can create a unique, streamlined shopping experience for you. We are convinced you will love our online shopping services once you register!