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Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #1 Price

You know there is no getting away from the fact that we are the solution to our own problems.  Having been in sales for longer than some of you have been alive, I have blamed everything and everyone for poor sales results.  In truth, in the material handling business, I have always had all the tools I needed for success.  I am only now learning how to apply them properly.

The term “value-added” has only recently been added to the business lexicon.  The fact is that it has always been at the top of the reasons that we do business with one person or company over another.  Value, whether real or perceived is what we all seek in transactions. To spend less money or to receive more for the same expenditure drives most transactions.  However, price is only one of five reasons that people make buying decisions.

There are people who make their choice exclusively based on price.  They generally assume that all product is equal in quality or lack there of.  That any deficiency is more than offset by the money they saved.  The value-added truth is that some functional difference in product can more than pay for themselves and there is a “base-price” to get enough built-in quality to be safe.  Safety is a HUGE value.  Sometime these people can only be persuaded after their bad judgemnt has cost their company in actual losses or unfulfilled potential. Companies that buy exclusively on price find themselves constantly working with cheap goods and bad tools.  Employees of that company will gauge their value by the tools they are asked to work with and both the company and employee will be locked in mediocrity, or worse.

There is a “place” called value and it is our job to become expert in finding that value and bringing it to our customers attention.  IT IS THE ONLY REASON THEY NEED US.  We need to know that price is only one of five reasons to buy.

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