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Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #2 Quality

Quality is a relative term with both ends of the spectrum being open.  One thing is of higher or lesser quality than another but nothing being of absolute total quality or totally absent of quality.  Although, I think I have owned things that almost meet the “absent” attribute.

One of the definitions in Wikipedia is “the achievement of excellence of an object (good quality ice – i.e. not of inferior grade).  The need for quality is part of the value judgment we all make in all purchases.  Quality usually has cost attached to it.  Things are made from better materials or there are more experienced hands involved.  Value is the balance of quality vs price vs application need.  The ride to work would be smoother were I driving a Rolls Royce but I make it comfortably and safely in my Toyota van.  Balance that against fighting the DFW traffic in a Hugo.  The value proposition is $150k vs $30k vs $9k.  The value for me is my purchase of the van.

Now to the equipment we sell.  Too many times our customers have Toyota needs but want Rolls Royce quality at Hugo pricing.  A lot less money is spent on “branding” of industrial products than on brand-building of toothpaste or hair spray.  So how is one to know which brand is the higher value.  That is where you as a salesperson add value to this transaction.  Either you personally or your company thru “tribal knowledge” has experience both good and bad with the products you sell.  A product that consistently is causing problems is probably poorly made and of less value.  It may allow you to be the “low bidder” but it also may be the last time you are asked to bid.  Conversely, a product that is put into service and more or less forgotten is probably delivering its value day by day.  IF YOU ARE LOW BID EVERYTIME YOU ARE SELLING JUNK.  Junk dealers are not long term partners for business.

Another way of determining value is thru 3rd party certifications like ANSI.  The ANSI certification assures the end user that the product is consistently built ensuring predictable results every time.  The very small price difference between a bad product and one that delivers is more than made up thru “no down time”, injuries (lack of) and just not have to screw with it in general.

You would be surprised that if you will outline the quality difference to your customer … many times he will see your point and come down on your side.

Good selling…