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cantilever rackGood housing start news continues to roll in. Housing starts are a key economic driver because they significantly affect so many different industries. The Lumber, Plumbing, Rebar, and Siding segments are quickly and positively affected by an up turn in housing starts One thing they all have in common is dealing with hard to handle products of long length.

For quite some time now our Bluff Cantilever Racks have been posting significant gains. With the increase in housing starts we expect even more rapid growth. Our Cantilever Racks can go a long way toward making the handling of long length heavy materials safer, more effective and productive. We can provide your customers with excellent long lasting solutions. Let your customers know that you are set and ready to provide them with Bluff Cantilever Rack solutions that will help them smooth our their long length, heavy weight handling challenges and start bringing in more growth dollars.

Our Steel Structures team, Cindy Holybee and Teresa Mozisek are ready to help you make Bluff Cantilever Racks a significant part of your growing business.

Please give them a call @ (800) 433-2212 or send an e-mail to: cindyh@bluffmanufacturing.com or teresa@bluffmanufacting.com

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