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Red Pin Steel Dock Board (C) – easy solution for difficult trailer to dock.


The Red Pin Steel Dock Board is perfect for difficult trailer-to-dock positions. Its design allows for offset parking and is helpful in other ways such as:

  • Dual-pin locking system
  • All-welded steel construction
  • Capacities from 15,000 to 40,000 pounds

Help your customers with the correct solution. With its unique, dual pin locking system fully along both sides, The Red Pin Steel Dock Board provides for safe loading and unloading conditions for container and park-out and uneven trailer to dock applications. Another plus – on docks using pit leveler WHEN they go down, use Bluff’s Red Pin Board to keep the dock operational. Just drop the board in place over the out of service pit leveler thereby reducing lost time.

It comes in widths from 60″ to 84″ and lengths from 48″ to 96.”

All steel dock boards below are manufactured and tested in compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2 and are OSHA 1910.26 compliant.