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Resolve to be Safer in the Upcoming Year

A new year not only means new goals but also a time to reinforce existing commitments. Across all industries, it’s a great time for companies to renew their focus on safety. We invest so much on our people and our properties, we need to step up and invest in securing and protecting them as well. This is a great time to look back on 2013 and assess safety statistics. Achieving a “zero accidents in 365 days” safety record is one of the biggest challenges in a material handling world wrought with risks and tough working conditions. And for those of us who have managed it this year, that is a good record but there’s always room for improvement. What are the numbers when it comes to insurance and workers compensation? How much was spent in repairs and recovery? How can we beat the odds in the coming year and improve our safety figures? Where safety is concerned, and especially that of our employees and customers, we can never let our guard down.

Bluff can help in so many ways. Our wide selection of safety products is designed to secure several areas of your plant and office and protect personnel from hazards. Get a head start on improving your safety stats, lower your costs and protect your people.

Bluff’s Rack Guards – designed in high-visibility safety yellow to help prevent accidents, wrap around your racks and protect them from forklift impacts. Your machinery is valuable – prevent costly damage to them from forklift accidents with Bluff’s Machine Guards. Sometimes valuable assets like your machinery are situated in high forklift traffic areas, and human errors are possible even with the best drivers. Bluff’s machine guards act as a barrier to protect your assets and are available in different sizes and custom colors.

Our Modular Protective Barrier protects our most important assets – our people. While these barriers are tough and act as a shield to protect employees from accidents, they also offer easy access for employees to get around.

Bluff’s Tuff Guard says it all – this safety rail is manufactured with 3/16” thick ASTM A36 steel to protect and prevent loss and injury. Even though Federal standards for Safety Barrier testing require our safety rails to pass the crash test with an impact of 10,000 pounds (forklift truck) traveling at 4 miles per hour, Bluff Manufacturing increased our safety crash standard to 6 miles per hour. And even with the increased speed, Bluff’s Tuff Guard exceeded the crash test expectations with minimal rail deflection.

Door Track Protectors, Post Protectors and Bollards are all a part of Bluff Manufacturing’s safety product portfolio designed to safeguard against damages caused by forklifts and other powered and manual equipment. Depending on the site and the use, these products can protect your employees and/or your property. When you buy a product from Bluff’s safety line, you’ve taken the first, best defense against injury to personnel and plant, machine down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions.