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Speedy Board ® – improve forklift safety and efficiency.


Most accidents occur when the driver is outside the safety of the cage

Here we take the steel “T” board design and “kick it up a notch” or two to create the Speedy Board®. Fork cutouts are added to the leading edge of the board, allowing your driver the ability to “scoop” the board and move it into place and to retrieve it for storage when the job is done. Less chance of injury and less time lost moving on and off the forklift.

The Speedy Board, a Bluff innovation, allows the forklift operator to stay safe inside the forklift cage to place and retrieve the board.
Standard capacities of 10,000, 13,000, or 15,000 pounds. Higher capacities up to 40,000 pounds are available.

Manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2.  OSHA 1910.26 Compliant.