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Spring blooms and so does the economy in the second quarter!

It’s safe to say we’ve left behind the cold dreary days and welcomed the warm and bountiful new season, speaking metaphorically and literally.

As Spring brought in warm winds and blossoms, business bloomed as well. No other factor sounds more promising or better portrays a healthy economy than strong employment numbers. While the unemployment rate (8.8%) is still a little too high for comfort, we have reason to feel positive with 216,000 jobs being created in March ’11 alone (a significant number in the manufacturing sector according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). While there are many factors that contribute to a healthy economy that is healing and getting stronger everyday, none hits closer to home and directly impacts people than the state of employment.

There are definitely other signs of a growing and productive second quarter. As noted in our most recent newsletter, consumer confidence was at a three year high in late February, 2011 with a rating of 70.4% according to The Conference Board (IndustryWeek.com). Naturally, being employed gives one the confidence to spend! Invariably, all roads to economic recovery start with healthy employment – a significant factor.

So how are we faring at the industry level? Manufacturing has been experiencing strong growth rates and good employment numbers. Increasing revenue and profits will lend themselves to strong hiring conditions in the Manufacturing sector. Thomas Net News in a recent article illustrated growing confidence in manufacturing executives of increased activity, revenue, and profits within the sector.

And Bluff Manufacturing has been hiring too! Like other manufacturing companies that are trending towards progress, Bluff’s positive growth numbers has led us to add another distinguished colleague to our dynamic team. Please join me in welcoming Don Sciarappa, our new National Sales Manager to the Bluff team. Don brings with him 26 years of sales management experience at Sabre Holdings. We’ve also added other new folks to the Bluff team and will continue to do so well into 2011. So, if you’re a go-getter-rock-star and you think you have it in you, send a resume to Bluff Manufacturing for a chance to work with a great team in a fast growing industry. We have lots of positive news to share in the following quarter and several opportunities to look forward too. It’s time to come out of hibernation and start taking advantage of the bounty that summer will have to offer.