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Spring into Action

So, it seems like Spring is finally here. Hopefully, the spate of cold weather we’ve been experiencing in Texas this year is finally behind us, at least until next year. While it was fun and exciting to have a record 10 inches of snow dumped on us in Texas, I for one, am glad to finally see the sun. Of course, we’ll still see some chilly and cloudy days, but the warm weather is starting to make a comeback – and after that warm Tuesday we just had – it’s official.

But it’s not just the grass getting greener and birds migrating back that has us all in a happy March mood. There’s something else that is magical about spring. Productivity is actually known to increase. Spring thaw brings renewed energy and increased business activity.  The material handling industry also sees a spike in business. For us at Bluff, that’s new business waiting to happen.

Let’s take the construction industry for example. Year after year, we have seen construction slow down in the cold weather. A lot of outdoor activity slows down or comes to a halt altogether. And construction is no different. Studies show that January and February are some of the slowest months for construction. But as spring starts to come around, there is increased hiring and positive employment numbers in the construction industry. That usually means, people are ready to get back to work and build. Even in this economy, the trends remain the same even though the numbers are lower.

So spring isn’t just a good time for play – apparently, it’s a great time for work as well. I wish all our blog readers a cheerful and sunny spring 2010!