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Steel or Aluminum – we provide you the support you need.

Everybody could use a little support from time to time, and at Bluff Manufacturing, that’s what we provide – support to the material handling industry. Everyday, our employees work hard to create innovative solutions and products that will benefit our customers. Just a little support goes a long way. A 118-pound dock board can support 10,000 pounds of weight! Whether our products are made of steel or aluminum – they are built for sturdiness, safety and support.

So that brings us to our first question – When choosing a Bluff dock board, should you choose Steel or Aluminum? The answer to that depends on your individual needs. For instance, when purchasing a dock board, the main requirements to keep in mind are load weight, product life, safety requirements and docking efficiency. Bluff’s all-welded steel dock boards are designed to handle heavy-duty loads that range from 15,000 – 40,000 pounds, with higher capacities available, and can support vehicles, products and workers.

However, if you prefer a lightweight alternative to steel and your loading capacity doesn’t exceed 15,000 pounds, you would probably be better off buying our Aluminum dock boards. Plus, they are easier to move around manually. But if you have a heavier load, aluminum is not your best choice.

Either way, we wanted to give you all the options – so we decided to build both steel and aluminum. For more information on how to best select your Bluff product, go to our Dock Board Selection Guide on our website. The best thing about Bluff products is that they meet the ANSI certification standards. With so many raw materials and products coming from oversees now, quality control is definitely an issue – especially when it comes to safety. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) helps uphold high quality standards for the industry and Bluff products are in compliance with their recently approved MH30.2 standards.

Support is great, but safety is paramount. Our products are designed to provide you both.