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Struggling with your website? Bluff can help.

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Many Ways Bluff Can Help You With Your Website

IF you are looking into updating or creating a website it can be a long and sometimes confusing process. Once your site is built or updated, a typical goal is to get more people there. Bluff can help.

Here at Bluff, we have tried to make the process of getting more information for your website easy as well as giving you tools to drive people to your site.

In general, people start their searches to a website through a search engine. The most popular search engine currently is Google. Even if people know the company’s website name (also called a URL) they go to Google, type in the Company name and click from there.
There is actually a whole, constantly changing, science to get your URL higher in that search list. It is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

SEO is always changing, there are some things that we can help you do to increase your “ranking” or how far you up you are on that search engine page. This is something that you can consider as you update/build your website and work to get more people there.
Updating/Creating Your Website & Getting More People There

The mantra you may be hearing about your website is provide Good, Relevant Content and Good, Engaging Images. Below lists Good Content and Good Images you can get from us:

Good content is important and challenging to create at times.

Product Information – When you post information about the products that you sell, add descriptions; this helps with SEO. You can get this from our website descriptions, or from our sell sheets found on this page

Blogs – You are welcome to use content from our website, our blog and our newsletter when you are selling our products. Please attribute it to us and that additional link to our website might also help with SEO. If there are articles you want help with let us know.

Video – Google is placing enhanced emphasis on video. When you are selling our products, feel free to embed our videos into your website. Again, please make sure you label it as from us.

Good Images. Product images are a great way to display what you provide to your customers. Make sure that you provide descriptions and “tags” of the pictures. If you are looking for Bluff pictures here are 3 options:
High Resolution Images- click here to access ours
Low Resolution Images – click here to access ours
Others? Can’t find what you need? Send us an email– we might have that particular image that we haven’t posted yet.