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Supporting our Team Members

PatrickWe usually share some personal event that goes on within Bluff each month.  We love celebrating happy times, accomplishments and overall fun.  This month is a little different – more somber.  In July, the Bluff family was touched and deeply saddened by the events here in Dallas. One of our team members lost their brother-in-law, Patrick Zamarripa, during the police shootings on July 7th.

From all accounts, Patrick was an amazing man, father and partner.  He served three tours in Iraq and had a deep love of supporting and protecting others.  In addition to his tours in Iraq he served others with 5 years of service with the Dallas Police Department.  He and his fellow officers who lost their lives will be deeply missed.

During this time,  Bluff rallied around our team member’s family by gathering funds with a large majority of our company contributing.  We also attending the memorials highlighting Patrick’s tremendous life.   Please join Bluff in supporting your local police associations.  Many of you are already serving in your local communities – we want to share your news and actions.  Send us a e-mail so we can highlight what you are doing.