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The Importance of Machine Guards

One of Bluff’s core values is Safety. And we cannot place enough emphasis on this. We keep coming back to this topic because it is important for us to be constantly aware of safety and the importance of following appropriate procedures to maintain accident-free premises. The material handling industry is wrought with risks and tough working conditions. But responsible employers take steps to either eliminate these risks altogether or drastically reduce them.

In any industry where humans are operating machinery, there is a certain degree of risk present. Organizations like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) create policies and procedures to reduce these risks. There are numerous ways to safeguard your personnel and your property. From creating safeguards for machinery to providing proper worker training, safety is a multi-layered process where the best results are obtained when all the processes are implemented. According to OSHA, any machinery that poses a threat or a hazard to humans operating them needs to be guarded. Employees that operate them need to be properly trained and educated on the safe use of the machinery before they start operating them. Workers should also be aware of what needs to be done in case of an emergency. Machines need to be frequently and properly checked for wear and tear. When all precautions are taken, the element of risk is greatly diminished.

Part of Bluff Manufacturing’s safety product portfolio includes machine guards. Bluff’s line of safety products works as a safeguard against damages caused by forklifts and other powered and manual equipment and protects your employees and your property. Preventing potential accidents and workplace hazards helps amp up efficiency and reduces all costs that can add up in case of an accident.

In the material handling world, one of the hazards comes from forklift damages. Bluff’s machine guards are essential products that protect your machinery and your facility from costly forklift damage. The fully welded units act as barriers between traffic areas and valuable machinery providing protection from 10” to 42” in height. Call or email a Bluff Manufacturing agent about our machine guards. Or visit us at www.bluffmanufacturing.com.