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The joys and peril of business travel

Most of us in the business world have had to pack our bags at one time or another and set sail on a company mission. There are so many benefits to be reaped with business travel, and at the same time so many disadvantages. Mostly people either love it or hate it, but some simply don’t mind it that much.

Sure everyone hates leaving families behind, rushing to airports, staying in stark impersonal hotels, and a whole list of other complaints travel-weary employees will tell you. But, if you’re the type that loves to hop on a plane to experience the adventure of a new destination, enjoy the sights and sounds, taste local cuisines, and break the monotony of your desk job, then business travel can be a great bonus! And you can do all this while collecting airline miles to use for more personal adventures!

Beyond the normal joys and hassles of modern day business travel, we must also consider a few perils. Anytime we undertake travel and step outside the limits of our familiar home and hearth, we take some risks. But here is something we rarely think about – traveling to unfamiliar cities can place us at risk of being robbed.

Sometimes, we end up in an unfamiliar city and might have to travel through neighborhoods that aren’t exactly rated high for personal safety. I recently read an article that caught my eye. The author suggested that travelers carry a decoy wallet with gift cards and a small amount of cash that they don’t mind losing. I guess the author’s standpoint was that rather than risk getting hurt; it is better to part with a decoy wallet while keeping your real wallet in a safer place. This piece of advice may work well for men, but ladies that generally carry purses may have more difficulty carrying a decoy purse and keeping a real one safe in their hotel room or on their person.

Do you have any such tips, experiences, or business-trip anecdotes to share with us?