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The Secrets to Safer Warehouses Despite Holiday Chaos

The holiday shopping season is here and it is increasing the demand for warehouses across the country. From Black Friday to standard Christmas sales, consumer spending continues to rise both online and in person. In 2021, 88 million buyers shopped on Black Friday, with both in-store and online traffic increasing by 19% (source). Even despite this year’s record-high inflation and the trend toward frugal spending, many analysts predict it will be another record-breaking year for shipping demands.

What does this accelerated fulfillment demand mean for warehouses? Well, they must continue to reconfigure their layouts and processes to meet growing requirements. This often means maximizing storage racking and streamlining access to inventory. With the right tools, teams can handle tighter spaces with ease.

Overcoming the confines of narrow aisles
With a tighter squeeze down a warehouse aisle, it’s important that pickers and their equipment are able to navigate while products and equipment stay protected. Bluff guide rails are a great form of protection. These fully customizable rails steer forklifts, stackers, and order picker equipment away from products and racking through a ground-level barrier.

Supporting the ease of navigation
When racking is placed closer together to maximize the warehouse space, the narrow aisle limits the movement of the forklift or similar equipment. Guide rails use their height (from the ground) to steer order pickers in the right direction. By acting as a bumper or barrier, it redirects a wheel upon impact. It is also done visually by the choice of safety color.

Protecting products despite higher volumes
Because of tighter spaces, there’s always a higher chance that products get damaged. Even experienced forklift operators can only do so much to prevent damage. Guide rails installed in the aisle space are ideal for protecting your expensive storage system from equipment impact. Guide rails are a proactive approach to keeping products damage-free and ready to be shipped.

When it comes to tight spaces, warehouse leadership doesn’t have to go it alone to find the right tools. Bluff offers decades of experience and superior customer service to find the right solutions for your warehouse. Visit our website to learn more or get in touch with your local dealer.