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What Can We Do For You?

It is a very different marketplace today than just 12 short months ago.  Even lower material costs cannot induce people to turn loose of the Purchase Order.  On the near horizon there seems to be an uptick in quote activity  That is good but will it proceed to the order stage?  Only time will tell.We, at Bluff Manufacturing, surveyed our dealer customers.  If we keep our pricing competitive, our delivery fast and our customer service high…..what can we do to help you?

Overwhelmingly, the response was …send us leads.  In response to that we have reassigned our sales team toward lead generation.  Derrick, Tim, Harry and Russell have changed their routine.  They are spending less time in the airports and more time in activities designed to tell the public about Bluff and our products.  The thought is, as interest develops we will hook those end-users up with a Bluff partner in their area who can “add value” for them.  Not rocket science but pretty easy to measure.

At the same time we are setting up a training program for you dealer salespeople.  While it is nice to fly to your town, buy donuts and show up at your place of business at 7:00 am for a 30 minute training session….sometimes it is not a good value for us or our dealers.  Try this on for size……

You hire a new salesperson.  He or she is indoctrinated into your way of business and your processes.  At the appropriate time you schedule an hour with the Bluff Trainer for that person.  Using the new technologies, we will hook up with them on the web and go over all our products, how to sell them….discuss some typical applications (supported by photos and videos)….describe how to use the Bluff Customer Service environment to your companies best advantage.  After, we will touch base with you to schedule other training and make sure we are doing our part in being a good vendor.  What you have now is a salesperson (or CSR) who is “expert” in a line of products, who knows how to navigate the system for maximum advantage and will become an evangelist for this profit stream in your organization.  WIN   WIN

There is a new day dawning, “What can we do for you?”