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Why Customized Dock Solutions Could be the Answer

Material handling solutions aren’t always one size fits all. Warehouses have challenges to overcome and finding a solution is imperative to the success of your business and your customer. Often, a key element to the efficiency of loading and unloading trailers is the yard ramp. However, some companies have unique situations that demand creative solutions that simply aren’t on the market yet. At Bluff Manufacturing, we have deep experience providing custom-designed yard ramps and related equipment that is designed and built to last. As a warehouse solutions provider, we have the tools and resources to create a product that will enhance and improve the flow of operations.

Solving unique Challenges

Bluff works with customers to understand the environment where the equipment will be used, local codes, and industry needs. For example, one of our automotive manufacturing clients needed covered ramps to accommodate an outdoor section of their manufacturing. They needed to ensure that the product being unloaded wouldn’t get wet — a problem not all automotive manufacturers have. Noticing there wasn’t a solution on the market that met their needs, the company trusted Bluff to address their challenges. Bluff created a custom-engineered ramp with a canopy to meet their spec and keep production moving.

Minimizing Downtime

If a business attempts to create a solution out of existing yard ramps, parts, and equipment, it can be tough to land on a safe and effective final product. Trial, error, and iteration — while helpful — can lead to downtimes in production, distribution, or movement of products to other locations. Custom engineered solutions take a holistic approach to problem-solving, taking out the guesswork and giving results that keep business running.

Meeting code standards while also meeting needs

No matter the industry, meeting building codes and regulations is paramount to maintaining a safe work environment. Bluff’s engineering staff and designers keep that at the forefront of every yard ramp and safety equipment project. When companies try to find solutions on their own, they can struggle to find designs that are both functional and up to code. A custom design can ensure that every element of the product meets your business’s needs. This helps to save the time and resources it takes to see if individual solutions each meet code requirements.

At Bluff Manufacturing, we’re leading experts in developing commercial industrial and retail applications for warehouses. Our engineering staff works alongside our sales team and the customer to provide unique yard ramp solutions at an excellent value. Businesses no longer have to be restricted by what’s on the market. To learn more about how we can help solve your challenges, give us a call at 800-433-2212.