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Yard Ramps – to use the 6 feet Level Off or not. That is the question

There are several guidelines and factors to consider when buying a yard ramp. But we wanted to bring one particular aspect to your attention. When does buying a 36′ Length Yard Ramp with a 6’ Level off make more sense as opposed to a Straight 30′ Length Yard Ramp? When you need that extra maneuverability and visibility, that’s when our Bluff yard ramp with a 6’ level off becomes a better value packed option to consider. It’s important for you to know that sometimes getting that additional 6 feet of leveled off ramp space becomes a better and more optimal solution for your docking needs.

In addition to the traditional use of Ground to Truck, a 36’ Length yard Ramp with a Level Off is beneficial in these situations:

  • In some ground-to-dock applications
  • Close to dock-edge overhead door configuration
  • Often for high-use application
  • In high-traffic docking areas
  • When using folk-lifts that need access to railcars

Heading up a Yard Ramp without a level off puts the operator in a disadvantageous position of having to look upwards until his lift truck is completely horizontal on the dock or warehouse surface. With a high load on his lift truck the operator’s vision may be severely limited in many situations.  Adding a level off gives him 6’ of straightforward viewing BEFORE he attains the dock surface. This allows the operator enough time to see what’s ahead across a wide spectrum allowing for very safe, productive, and highly maneuverable operations. This is especially handy when forklifts are turning into railcars and have to handle pallets near door-openings. The additional 6’ on a yard ramp is also most preferred for end loading. Basically, for any truck or railcar to ground application and close to dock-edge overhead door configurations, opt for the 36 feet Yard Ramp with the 6 feet level off.

Bluff has always been the industry leader in providing docking solutions – and our yard ramps are a perfect example. We design and engineer every single one of our products to meet a variety of unique needs and to meet and surpass guidelines and standards. Bluff Manufacturing sets the standards and others follow. Look for the letter “L” following the model number on a Yard Ramp to recognize a Bluff Yard Ramp with a 6’ level off!