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Crossover Bridges

Bluff’s Crossover Bridge not only fills the gap, but also fills the need to transport over it safely. Bridge the gap with a Bluff Crossover Bridge. Available in capacities from 16,000 Lbs. to 30,000 Lbs.

(Model COB)

Crossover Bridge


Whether in a warehouse or yard, sometimes a treacherous work zone requires spanning over a gap to connect points A and B. Bluff’s Crossover Bridge not only fills the gap, but also fills the need to transport over it safely.

Crossover Bridges are site specific, and a worksheet must be completed to receive an approval drawing prior to placing an order. Completion of the Crossover Bridge worksheet allows us to specify exact size and identify any accessories required to provide you with the most effective product for your application. We will be able to provide an approval drawing and quote within 2 business days.

Standard Capacities from 16,000 to 30,000 Lbs.

(Model COB)

Crossover Bridge

Features & Benefits

  • Transition Over Gaps such as Ditches, Waterways, Uneven Topography, or Between Docks in a Warehouse
  • All Steel Welded Construction with Steel Grating
  • Standard Capacities from 16,000 Lbs to 30,000 Lbs
  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Lengths Available up to 50’
  • 8” Tall Curbs on Each Side Serve as Runoff Protection
  • Can be Built to Meet Any Specifications – Worksheet Required

Click Here for Worksheet

(Model COB)

Crossover Bridge


Provides a detailed overview of the performance, operation, & other important characteristics.

Model COB – Crossover Bridge.pdf

Freight Classes

Bluff Manufacturing strives to give the best possible customer service. Download our freight classes for shipping.

Freight Classes.pdf

Bluff Crossover Bridge Worksheet

Download and fill out our Portable Dock Work Platform Worksheet to us help determine what solution best works for you.

Model COB – Crossover Bridge Worksheet.pdf

(Model COB)

Crossover Bridge

Options & Accessories

  • Option for Handrails: Handrails are Recommended for Gap Depths of More than 48”
  • Fork Pockets
  • Full Steel Floor Plate Designs
  • Recessed Curb
  • Support Legs
  • Higher Capacities & Custom Designs Available

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